Fashion has always been that vessel to express myself, be me and be fresh.....

Welcome to the World of Thriftafly by Nowelle

“There are no rules about how you represent yourself. My work is more an attempt to show a spectrum of myself rather than a certain way of behaving or looking.” Grace Wales Boner


"Fashion can be used as a cultural translator and a tool against colonisation; it re-establishes the balance between symbols, stories and different worlds through style." Stella Jean  

“You don’t want to have success to quickly because that’s a double-edged sword. Stick to it and know that in the beginning it is going to be tough, but you’ll be able to push through.” Martine Rose

"I think as a woman of color and person of color, I have never sought out discrimination. If I want to do something, I'm going to figure out how to do it, and if you don't like how I look then that can't be my problem." Tracy Reese